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Vacant Cosmetic Bottles Become a Hidden Danger of Counterfeiting

Author:GanZhou Packaging Co., Ltd Click: Time:2019-07-13 11:00:00

In recent days, 80% of online cosmetics are fake information, which is very similar to wine bottle counterfeiting. It is almost impossible for consumers to distinguish the true from the false by recycling empty cosmetics bottles and then cleaning and filling them. This way has violated the interests of consumers, but also greatly disrupted the order of the cosmetics market.

The disposal of empty cosmetic bottles should arouse the attention of all parties. First of all, cosmetic bottle manufacturers should improve the anti-counterfeiting ability and information tracking ability of bottles. Some advanced anti-counterfeiting abilities of other bottles such as wine bottles will be transferred to cosmetic bottles. For example, when a cosmetic bottle is opened, the information system can track it and scrap the relevant information. Secondly, manufacturers or relevant departments should make more efforts on the recycling channels of cosmetic bottles. Only by intercepting the discarded bottles in the recycling field can they be as far as possible to keep them from being used by counterfeiters. Thirdly, of course, consumers themselves, so many bottles of cosmetics into the hands of counterfeiters, its source is ordinary consumers, and they have become the ultimate victim. It is also important for consumers not to sell empty cosmetic bottles for high prices.


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