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Cosmetic bottles have different sizes for different purposes

Author:GanZhou Packaging Co., Ltd Click: Time:2019-07-12 05:00:00

"Everyone has a love for beauty." Human beings have been pursuing cosmetics to beautify themselves since ancient times. Cosmetics are also very competitive in the market. For customers, when choosing cosmetics, they are not only interested in the brand, but also in whether some bottles are designed to be beautiful, generous and easy to carry. These factors also affect customers'desire to buy.

Whether cosmetic bottles are portable or not is a key concern for customers. Many female customers choose small and delicate cosmetic bottles for work or short-term business trips, which is both prestigious and not troublesome. Then when choosing the packaging bottle, the manufacturer can consider that the design should be reasonable and humanized. For the promotion of advertising, this small and delicate bottle is also a big selling point.

Of course, it is impossible for all customers to buy cosmetics in small bottles. So big bottles also have their advantages. It can decorate rooms, serve as the bottom of small bonsai and so on. The key is the style of the bottle.


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