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Packaging Design Originated from Women

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Nowadays, women are more and more involved in work, earning money and shopping, so they play an important role in today's product packaging. A series of international surveys show that the color, shape, image and text of the packaging will affect women's preference for cosmetic bottles. In addition, women of different ages have different needs for product packaging. The figures and conclusions can also be used for reference in China's market.

With the increase of education and earning power, women's purchasing power is undoubtedly on the rise, and this trend has been taking place for some time, which is no longer a secret. For example, in recent years, more women than men have received bachelor's degrees (57.2%) and master's degrees (58.9%) in the United States (data source: National Center for Education Statistics). And the median earnings of women, at least when compared with men, are rising rapidly. In the past 30 years, the median income of men has increased by only 0.6% while that of women has increased by an astonishing 63% (data source: Business Weekly, February 2005). Because of this state of income growth, it is not surprising that women's influence on purchasing decisions has increased.


The statistics published are somewhat different, but generally speaking, women account for 80% to 85% of all consumer purchases in the United States. When women are involved in a particular product category, the proportion of purchases is much higher than that of over-the-counter medicines and food products, with women accounting for 93% (data source: About website). With such an impact on purchasing, women's packaging, including ergonomics in today's cars and everything from vitamin bottle seals, will have a big impact.


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