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Cosmetics packaged into new materials

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Continuous development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new shapes, has been the focus of the industry in the development of cosmetic packaging containers. A technical engineer who has been engaged in material packaging research for a long time said, "Now, the use of materials is not only limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles, but also the application of new materials has become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products." Taking P&G (P&G) as an example, he said, the bottle material of its "exciting" bathing brand launched last year changed from the hard plastic texture of the past, and chose a more humanized soft and hard plastic packaging, "so that in invisible, it increased the affinity of this product."

By implication, the successful launch of "excitement" is closely related to the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, Panting, another brand of P&G, has made great efforts to improve the design and material of its packaging on the basis of the existing strong brands, and strives to inject fresh vitality into the "old" brand. This also means that fashion, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting packaging design and the adoption of new bottles will become one of the means for cosmetics manufacturers to win the terminal in the future. In the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite external packaging is emerging in an endless stream.


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