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Plastic containers are the standard of skin care products

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In the cosmetics industry, the packaging containers made of acrylic, PET, PCTG, PETG, AS and other plastic materials are combined with the auxiliary aids. They are used for filling cream, lotion, water and other contents. We call them plastic bottles. According to the nature of its contents, the industry is also called emulsion bottles, perfume bottles, cream bottles, essence bottles, toner bottles, washing bottles and so on.

1. Forming Technology

Injection bottle: PP, PETG, acrylic and ABS are commonly used in plaster bottles. Plaster bottles, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, gaskets, pump heads, dust cover mainly adopt injection moulding. For example, acrylic bottles, because of their poor chemical resistance, can not be directly filled with paste, need to be equipped with inner gallbladder barrier, filling is not easy to be too full, to prevent paste into the inner gallbladder and acrylic bottle, in order to avoid cracking, high packaging requirements during transportation, because scratches look particularly obvious, high permeability, feel super thick wall, But the price is quite expensive.

Blow bottle: two-step moulding, tube embryo is injection moulding, finished product packaging is blown bottle, the material is mostly PET material. It is characterized by a bump at the bottom of the bottle. It's brighter in the light. Bottle or emulsion bottle, toner bottle, washing bottle and other bottle body often blow molding mode.

Blowing bottle: The material is mainly PP or PE. Blowing bottle is a process that combines blow injection and blow moulding. Only one mould is needed. It is characterized by a bonded line at the bottom of the bottle.

2. Surface treatment

In order to display the contents effectively, injection moulding solid color, transparent natural color and picky penetration are often used in bottles. Acrylic bottle wall is mostly sprayed with color, which can reflect light, and the effect is good. The surface of matching bottle cap and pump head often adopts spraying, vacuum plating, electrolytic aluminium, gold-clad silver, secondary oxidation and other processes to reflect the individuality of the product.

3. Graphic Printing

Plastic bottles and matching bottle caps are usually printed on the surface of bottles, bottle caps or pump heads by silk printing, transfer printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, heat transfer printing and water transfer printing.

1. Bottle type:

According to material quality: acrylic, PET, PCTG, PETG, AS, etc.

According to shape: round, square, pentagonal, egg-shaped, spherical, gourd-shaped and so on.

It can be divided into: latex bottles, perfume bottles, cream bottles, essence bottles, toner bottles, washing bottles, etc.

According to structure: single-layer bottle, double-layer bottle, vacuum bottle, etc.

According to the process: injection bottle, blow bottle, blow bottle, etc.

Routine weight: 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g, 40g, 45g

Conventional capacity: 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml

2. Bottle caliber

Common bottle calibers are X18/410, X18/415, X20/410, X20/415, X24/410, X28/415, X28/410, X28/415, X28/410, X28/415.

3. Bottle body matching:

Plastic bottles are mainly matched with bottle caps, pump heads, sprinklers and so on. Polypropylene, PS, ABC and acrylic are commonly used for the outer cap of bottles. The bottle caps are mainly divided into swing caps, flip caps, lift caps and screw caps. Generally, the bottle caps are equipped with inner gaskets, pull caps and plugs. Very few of them are equipped with spoons or droppers. This mainly considers their sealing and convenience of use.

Plastic bottles are widely used in cosmetics industry.

For example, cream bottles, lotion bottles, essence bottles, aqua bottles, etc.

Plastic bottles are mainly manufactured in Shangyu, Yuyao, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Baiyun District of Guangzhou. There are also many factories producing this kind of plastic bottles, such as Yutian II in Shenzhen, Kaipei in Zhejiang, Taile packaging in Shaoxing, Shaoxing Yucai plastic industry, Weiton packaging in Guangzhou, Sangbo plastic industry in Shanghai, etc.

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1. Initial Quantity

Ordering volume is generally 3000-10000, can customize the color, usually do the primary color sanding and magnetic white, or add pearlescent powder effect, although the bottle and cap match the same color master, but sometimes because of the bottle and cap with different materials, the color shown is somewhat different.

2. Production cycle

More moderate, about 15 days cycle, screen printing cylinder bottle for monochrome calculation, flat bottle or special bottle for double or multi-color calculation, usually charged for the first screen printing or fixture fee, screen printing unit price is generally 0.08 yuan/color times to 0.1 yuan/color times, screen printing 100 yuan-200 yuan/type, fixture about 50 yuan/piece.

3. Mold Cost

Bottle blowing moulds are 1500-4000 yuan, injection moulds are 8000-20000 yuan, stainless steel is more expensive than alloy materials for moulds, but they are durable. According to the demand of production, if the production is large, one four or one six moulds can be selected. Customers can decide on their own.

4. Printing instructions

Silk printing has common ink and UV ink, UV ink has better effect, luster and stereo sense. In production, the color should be confirmed by typesetting first. The effect of silk printing with different materials will be different. Hot stamping, silver stamping and other processing technology are different from gold printing powder and silver powder. Hard material and smooth surface are suitable for hot stamping and silver stamping. Soft surface is not good for hot stamping, easy to fall off, and the gloss of hot stamping is better than that of gold printing and silver stamping. Film screen printing needs to produce negative film, the picture and text effect is dark, the background color is transparent, gold stamping, silver stamping process needs to produce positive film, the picture and text effect is transparent, the background color is dark. The proportion of words and patterns should not be too small or too thin, otherwise the printing effect will not be achieved.


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